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Lake Buchanan - The first flight and video of my DJI Mini 2. The video was taken from a maximum altitude of 100' above the ground; the winds were blowing from the east at approximate 10-15mph; the temperature was 70 degrees; and the skies were partly cloudy. It was a great day for a first flight!

The Rock Road -

Yellowstone Falls is a collection of videos of some of the well known falls at Yellowstone National Park.  Some of them are the Firehole Falls, Gibbon Falls, Upper Falls, Tower Falls, and Undine Falls.

Yellowstone Geysers is a collection of various geysers found around Yellowstone National Park.  There are so many geysers and hot springs at Yellowstone, it would be an extremely long video to include them all.  This video contains geysers from the Midway Geyser Basin, Mammoth Hot Springs, the Artists Paintpots, West Thumb Geyser Basin, and many on the Upper Geyser Basin, including Old Faithful.

The Old Tunnel bat emergence is a spectacular event that you don't want to miss if you are near Fredericksburg, Texas.  The Old Tunnel WMA is approximately 10 miles from Fredericksburg down a farm road that frequently crosses a small creek.  Many of the bridges over the creek are in the form of one-lane low water crossings.  Within walking distance of the tunnel, is the Alamo Springs Cafe, known for its delicious juicy hamburgers.  The hamburger and bat emergence is a fine combo and great evening.

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