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Crater Lake - (September, 2013) - Crater Lake, Oregon

Crater Lake

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Sunrise - 11-2012 - Inks Lake, Texas
Sunrise - 9-2012 - Round Rock, Texas
Super Moon Eve
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Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire - 11-14-2011 - Blanco, Texas
Old Faithful
Old Faithful - 9-12-2011 - Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Yellowstone Elk
Bull Elk - 9-12-2011 - Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Moon Rainbow
Moon Rainbow - 9-14-11 - Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Poppy - 5-18-2011 - Fredericksburg, Texas
Steel Dragonfly - 8-2011 - Round Rock, Texas
Snow Drip - 1-10-21 - Round Rock, Texas

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